Why plan a funeral ahead of time?
By planning in advance of need you will gain peace of mind from knowing your wishes will be carried out.  The death of a loved one is a time of great loss and advance planning can reduce stress for your family.   This allows your loved ones to devote more time to coping and understanding the loss, and less time concerned with funeral arrangements and financial details.

Can I plan a funeral ahead of time without funding?
Yes  Although there are many advantages to funding a funeral ahead of time at today's costs, funding ahead of time is not required.  It is just as important to have your wishes on record at the funeral home.

Funeral costs?
The cost of a funeral will be controlled through pre-planning.  Merchandise selection during your preplanning consultation helps insure that you do not exceed what you want to pay.  Prepayment also offsets the risk of rising funeral costs in the future due to inflation.

How do you prepay for a funeral?
You may select one of two ways to prepay a funeral.  The first method is to make payment in full.  The funds will be deposited by your family at Kincer Funeral Home in an interest bearing account to protect against increases in funeral costs in the future.
The second method is to make installment payments.  Any payment plans willbe arranged by you and Kincer Funeral Home at the time of the arrangement conference. 

What is first step in funeral planning?
The information required on the Vital Statistics Sheet can be obtained by visiting our web site, visiting the funeral home or by mail.  This information is used to fill out legal documents and construct the obituary.

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This brochure discusses some of the various aspects involved with pre-planning of a funeral, whether it might involve your own funeral or the funeral of a family member or relative.

"By planning now, you will ensure peace of mind for yourself and your family.  When death does occur, and phone call to your local funeral director will ensure your funeral wishes will be handled properly"