When direct cremation is requested we will provide the following services anywhere in the State of Maine:

  • Service Arrangements if visitaion or memorial service is requested
  • Removal of the remains from the place of death
  • Sanitary care of the remains
  • Placement of the remains in a minimum container for the cremation process
  • Hold the remains for the 48 hour waiting period
  • Cremation
  • Return of the cremated remains to the place designated at the time of arrangements
  • Temporary Urn
  • Secure and filing of the following documents:
    • Certificate of Death
    • Burial / Transit Permit
    • Medical Examiners Permit for Cremation
    • Social Security Report of Death
    • Veterans Administration forms that may apply
    • Placement of obituary notices in requested newspapers (some additional charges may apply).


Why do people select cremation?
Cremation is simply a matter of preference and choice.  People have various reasons for selecting Cremation influenced by ethnic background or family tradition.  The concept that cremation is selected because of perceived lower funeral costs or lack of land for earth burial is totally inaccurate.  In rare instances are land a concern, and funeral costs are based on fixed expenses, and a family's selection of merchandise and services.

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Cremation Guide LInes

Cremation Guide Lines

This brochure looks at some of the issues and options involving cremation as a process for disposition of a human body.

"Making the personal choice to cremate involves many decisions.  Consult with your funeral director regarding the legal documents necessary for cremation and the pre-planning services available.  It is wise too consider all the options and ask questions before making final decisions about such an important event."

Direct Cremation


Price does not include cemetery fees, clergy fees, obituary and certified copy fees.