Teresa A. Gray

TeresaRichmond-Teresa “Terry” Ann Gray, 68, passed peacefully at her home on June 4, 2020.

She was born January 16, 1952, to Kenneth and Barbara Gray. She grew up at first in Bar Harbor and then moved to Stonington, Maine when her father became the superintendent of schools there. She graduated from Deer Isle / Stonington High School in 1970 where she was (though mischievous) a solid student and athlete.

After high school, she soon married and became a mother (to her first son, Brent) and lived in Deer Isle for the next several years. During that time, she gave birth to a second son (Brian). She and her sons moved to Prospect Harbor, where she eventually remarried and started a successful career as an insurance / real estate agent.

In her early 40’s she decided to change career paths and pursue a Nursing degree from the University of Maine. She “toughed it out” and as a result of her hard work, she was quite successful, earning her way to the Dean’s List despite the challenges of being a non-traditional student, mother, and maintaining a full-time job.

She later moved to Richmond and married her husband of 25 years, Rusty. She took a position as an R.N. in a nursing home and later worked her way up to be the Director of Nursing, as her mother did many years before. She had a passion for taking care of her patients and expected the same of her staff. She was tough and had high standards, but her sole motivation was the welfare and dignity of those she cared for.

After her tenure as a D.O.N., she opted to retire. This gave her the time to focus on her many interests, which included:

  • • Gardening. She was happiest with her hands in the dirt, and her yard is proof of her passion. At its peak, her yard was a “hidden sanctuary” right in the middle of Richmond, known to only a few.
  • • Arts and Crafts. Her free spirit, “funky” style, talent, and creativity were evident in everything she did (e.g.: needle felting, painting, knitting, sewing).
  • • Environment / nature. Protecting the environment and helping living things were very important to her.
  • • Scrabble and crosswords. Only Terry would know that “za” is a real word and could use it to beat you…
  • • Facebook. Though she initially scorned FB, it became a means by which she connected and communicated with friends (new and old) and shared her interests and opinions.
  • • The Beatles. An avid fan, she always had The Beatles station on XM radio throughout the day. The memorabilia in her home were constant reminders of the love she had for this band. She was fortunate to cross off a bucket list item when she attended a Paul McCartney concert in New York with her son, Brian.

Terry was predeceased by her father, Ken, her brother, David, and her mother, Barbara. She is survived by her husband, Cyrus “Rusty” Kendrick, as well as her sons, Brent Snowden (wife Michelle and grandchildren, Emily and Josh) and Brian Snowden (wife Jessy and granddaughter Kali). Additionally, siblings Gary Gray(wife Sandy and nephews / nieces Josh,

Logan, Noah, Brodie, Samantha, and Chelsea), Lori Boyce (partner Stuart Varisco, nephew Justin and niece Kyla), Shari Johnson (husband Tom), and Suzi Lancaster (husband Hugh, nephew Kyle and niece Ciarra), Additionally, many aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, friends, Jabba(her bird), animals, and plants.

Per Terry’s request, the family will not hold a formal ceremony or service. Please remember her as the free-spirited, funky, gypsy soul that she was.